Catarina Parente

designer – artist – teacher – researcher

The power of the Message guides, in a cross-cutting way, the various areas in which it is divided. As a designer and teacher, she seeks to convey messages clearly and effectively, decoding the needs of each project, and carefully adapting the language to the medium and the target audience. With a Master’s degree in Design and Multimedia from the University of Coimbra, Catarina has been working as a freelance designer since 2013, collaborating with clients, projects, and companies in various fields of activity. In addition to graphic and web design, she also develops illustration projects, team management, and creative consulting.

To discover – and help others discover – the hidden messages within the body, she has been guiding traditional yoga practices and facilitating meditation sessions since 2017. Her training, certified by the International Yoga Federation, is based on the principles of Yoga as Philosophy. Mindfulness and conscious presence are part of her daily life.

(Fotografia: Nuno Pires 2023)

Since 2018, she has been an invited Assistant Professor in the Design and Multimedia course at the Department of Architecture of FCTUC. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the College of Arts, dedicating herself to the study of drawing as a phenomenon, both as a way of seeing and as a way of producing autoethnographic content. The messages stored in drawing, from the moment it is made to the moment it is completed, are explored in her research through theoretical-practical approaches.

Her artistic practice unfolds in the fields of drawing, installation, sculpture, objet trouvĂ©, and artist’s books. Her works, which she has been exhibiting regularly since 2021, arise from messages transmitted by her experiences, the spaces she occupies, and the objects themselves. Graphically and visually, she seeks to answer the question: What are objects beyond themselves?